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Address Book Software Phone Book Display and print a phone book. Adding home, work, and cell phone numbers to the EZ Address Book automatically adds them to the phone book. You can search, customize, and print the phone book. Save phone numbers for family, friends, business contacts, restaurants, stores, schools, doctors, hotels, or any category you want. Phone, Cell Phone, and Work Phone can be renamed in Options. The phone book can also be exported to a PDF file and the file can be shared with other computers and smart devices by using Dropbox.

Printable Phone Book

Printable Phone Book

Click Printable Phone Book on the toolbar, select 'Phone Book' from the Features Menu, or click 'Phone Book' on the EZ Address Book Screen to display names, addresses, and phone numbers in a printable format. The report is indented for punch holes when printed.

Click Print Phone Book on the toolbar, use Ctrl+P, or select 'Print' from the File Menu to print the report. You can also export the phone book to a PDF file.

Select Options from the Tools Menu to change the report colors, set the default zoom, and select whether you want to display the current date and/or page number at the bottom of the report. You can also rename Phone, Cell Phone, and Work Phone in Options. All reports use the same options.

Format and Select for Phone Book

Format and Select for Phone Book

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